Petite Blossom Cups - Springtime (40 per Pack)

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Dress up your mini desserts with these beautiful flowers in full bloom! Our Springtime Petite Blossom Cups are perfect for showcasing your mini desserts. Just place your sweet confection in the center of the paper flower to turn your dessert table into a breathtaking floral fantasy.

Perfect for chocolate truffles, cake pops, petit fours, brownie balls, mini cheesecakes or any bite size dessert.

Quantity:  40 Petite Blossom Cups per pack: 20 Light Pink with Pink polka dots and 20 Pink with Light Pink polka dots. 100 % food safe cellophane liners included.  We recommend that you place your desserts in the included cellophane liners.

Design:  Double sided polka dot print. 

Center dimensions are 1.25" approximately.

For decorations purposes only. DO NOT bake.

To create flower cake pops follow these steps:

1- Make a tiny hole by inserting the tip of a bamboo skewer in the center of the base of the Petite Blossom Cup. 2- Make a tiny hole in the center of the cellophane liner with scissors. 3- Insert your lollipop cake thru the cellophane liner and then thru the Petite Blossom Cup and VOILA!